Keyless Door Lock TEEHO TE001: Security, and Style in One

In the modern rapid-paced world, comfort and security cross hand in hand. The TEEHO TE001 Keyless Door Lock with Keypad combines each, combining the contemporary era with the traditional layout to ensure that your house stays safe and on hand. This company has engineered a fashionable and secure smart deadbolt lock for front doorways, offering a reliable way to protect your property. With features like keyless access, car-lock functionality, a clean setup, and an oil-rubbed bronze end, the TE001 brings a new stage of protection and fashion to the doorstep. In this text, we’ll explore the features and advantages of this revolutionary keyless door lock.

Keyless Door Lock

Features and Benefits

Keyless Door Lock Entry:

The standout function of the TE001 is its keyless door lock machine. Say goodbye to fumbling for keys or stressful approximately misplaced or stolen ones. With the keypad, you may enter your property result easily using inputting your specific code. It’s a convenient and stable way to access your property.

Auto Keyless Door Lock:

The TE001 guarantees that your door is always locked, and we should not compromise security. It functions as an automobile-lock characteristic that automatically locks the door after a set length, ensuring your own home is steady even in case you forget about fastening it manually.

Ease of Installation of Keyless Door Lock:

To install the TE001 sincerely, one can carry it out with minimum hassle. You do not need advanced DIY skills or expert assistance to set up this clever deadbolt lock. The package deal includes all the important hardware and instructions for a trouble-unfastened setup.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish:

Beyond capability, the TE001 adds an element of fashion to your front door. The oil-rubbed bronze finish offers it an undying and fashionable appearance that enhances numerous home designs and architectural patterns.

Two Backup Keys:

While designing the TE001 for keyless door locks, it’s a terrific idea to incorporate backup options. The package deal includes traditional keys, ensuring you can get admission to your home even if the keypad is temporarily unavailable.

Secure and Durable:

We designed this clever deadbolt lock with protection in mind. It resists tampering and is made from long-lasting materials to ensure durability.


The TEEHO TE001 Keyless Door Lock with Keypad is a testament to how technology can decorate each comfort and protection in your home. Its keyless door lock machine simplifies your daily routine, permitting you to go into your property easily and without the problem of conventional keys. The car-lock function ensures that your front door is always securely locked, providing peace of mind

Installation is a breeze, and the oil-rubbed bronze finish provides a hint of class to your front door. With the inclusion of two backup keys, you have a dependable backup plan in case of any unforeseen occasions.

In conclusion, the TE001 is a recreation-changer for owners looking for a stable, handy, and stylish solution for their front door. Upgrade your house protection and increase your entryway with this smart deadbolt lock. Experience the advantages of keyless door lock access and vehicle-lock era even adding a hint of timeless elegance to your house’s exterior.

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