CCTV Cameras: Secure Your Property with ANNKE 3K Lite


In modern security solutions, the ANNKE 3K Lite Security Camera System stands out as a powerful and advanced option designed to provide comprehensive surveillance for your property. This system, featuring AI Human/Vehicle Detection, an 8CH H.265+ DVR, and 8 x 1920TVL 2MP IP66-rated CCTV cameras, brings cutting-edge technology and robust functionality to the forefront of your security strategy. Let’s delve into the key features that make the ANNKE 3K Lite Security Camera System an exceptional choice for safeguarding your home or business.

High-Resolution Imaging with 1920TVL 2MP CCTV Cameras:

The cornerstone of any effective CCTV system is its imaging capability, and the ANNKE 3K Lite doesn’t disappoint. With eight high-definition 1920TVL 2MP cameras, this system delivers clear and detailed footage, ensuring that every event on your property is captured precisely.

AI Human/Vehicle Detection for Intelligent Surveillance:

An innovative addition to the ANNKE 3K Lite system is the AI Human/Vehicle Detection feature. This advanced technology distinguishes between human and vehicle movement, significantly reducing false alarms triggered by other activities. This intelligent surveillance ensures that you receive accurate alerts when it matters most.

8CH H.265+ DVR for Efficient Video CCTV Compression:

The heart of the ANNKE 3K Lite system lies in its 8-channel H.265+ DVR. This technology allows for efficient video compression, maximizing storage space without compromising image quality. The result is longer recording times and the ability to store more footage on the included 1TB hard drive.

IP66 Weatherproof Rating for Outdoor CCTV Cameras:

ANNKE understands that security is not limited to indoor spaces. The 1920TVL 2MP cameras in this system boast an IP66 weatherproof rating, ensuring their resilience against the elements. Whether rain or shine, these cameras remain steadfast, providing reliable surveillance for your outdoor spaces.

Smart Playback for Intuitive Review:

Navigating through hours of footage can be a time-consuming task. The ANNKE 3K Lite system introduces Smart Playback, allowing users to locate and review specific events quickly. This intelligent playback feature enhances your ability to analyze footage efficiently and pinpoint critical moments.

Email Alerts with Images for Instant Notification:

Timely notifications are crucial in a security system, and ANNKE ensures you stay informed with its Email Alert feature. When the AI detection system is triggered, you receive email alerts with accompanying images, allowing you to assess the situation promptly and take necessary action.

1TB Hard Drive for Ample Storage:

With a pre-installed 1TB hard drive, the ANNKE 3K Lite Security Camera System provides ample storage for continuous recording. The robust storage capacity ensures you can archive footage for extended periods, giving you the peace of mind that your property is under surveillance 24/7.


The ANNKE 3K Lite Security Camera System redefines the standard for comprehensive surveillance solutions. With features like AI Human/Vehicle Detection, an 8CH H.265+ DVR, 1920TVL 2MP IP66-rated cameras, Smart Playback, Email Alerts with Images, and a 1TB hard drive, this system combines cutting-edge technology with practical functionality. Secure your property with the ANNKE 3K Lite, where advanced CCTV cameras meet intelligent surveillance solutions. Experience the confidence of knowing you have a powerful and reliable security system watching over your home or business.

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