Extension Cord and USB Ports: Strip Tower with Multiple Cords

In the current age of technology and connectivity, our houses and workplaces are packed with digital devices that require constant energy. The challenge regularly lies in having enough electric shops to accommodate all our devices and home equipment. This is in which the Surge Protector Power Strip Tower with Multiple Extension Cord and USB Ports comes to the rescue. With 12 AC stores, 4 USB ports (such as 1 USB-C), and a 6. Five-foot twine, this mini energy strip is a flexible and compact answer for managing your electricity needs at workplace. In this newsletter, we’ll explore the capabilities and blessings of this surge protector tower.

Multiple Extension Cord

Features and Benefits

Multiple Extension Cord:

The standout feature of this power strip tower is its 12 AC outlets. With this abundance of shop methods, you can join all of your essential appliances, devices, and chargers without constantly searching for available sockets or needing extra extension cords.

USB Ports for Charging:

In addition to the AC outlets, this surge protector tower offers four USB ports, such as 1 USB-C port. These ports are perfect for charging smartphones, capsules, laptops, and different USB-powered gadgets without needing additional adapters.

Compact Design:

Despite its astounding quantity of retailers and USB ports, this electricity strip tower has a compact and area-saving design. Its vertical orientation permits you to place it readily in any nook of your own home or office, maximizing your available space.

Overload Protection:

Safety is a top precedence, and this electricity strip tower is geared up with overload safety. It mechanically cuts off strength to prevent overheating and ability damage in your gadgets in case of an overload.

Long Extension Cord:

The 6.5-foot long twine gives flexibility in positioning the tower in any place you want it most. Whether it is in the back of your desk, next to your leisure middle, or in a shared workspace, the extended twine ensures a clean right of power entry.

Versatile Usage of Extension Cord:

This surge protector tower is suitable for a huge range of applications. Whether you’re setting up your property workplace, coping with electronics in your residing room, or developing a charging hub for your bedroom, it can adapt to your needs.


The Surge Protector Power Strip Tower with Multiple Extension Cords and USB Ports is a game-changer. When it comes to coping with energy and keeping your gadgets charged and equipped. Its ample AC retailers, combined with USB ports, remove the need for a couple of extension cords, simplifying your setup.

The tower’s compact layout and long extension twine make it a flexible and convenient answer for each environment.

This surge protector electricity strip tower is your answer if you’re tired of juggling power plugs and searching for chargers. It combines capability, comfort, and safety in one smooth package, making sure that you have clean get entry to strength whenever and anywhere you need it. Upgrade your strength control with this clever and space-saving solution and revel in a litter-free, organized, and green your space.

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