Outlet Extender: A Smart and Space-Saving Solution


In the era of countless electronic devices, finding a convenient and efficient way to charge them all can be a constant struggle. Enter the Mifaso Wall , a versatile and feature-packed solution to streamline your charging station. Boasting a shelf for your gadgets, a built-in night light, a surge protector, and multiple USB and AC outlets. This outlet extender offers a comprehensive and space-saving solution for your power needs. Let’s delve into the key features that make the Mifaso Wall Extender a must-have for the modern home.

Shelf for Smart Device Storage:

The Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender goes beyond a standard power strip by incorporating a convenient shelf. This built-in shelf provides a dedicated space to safely store your smartphones, tablets, or other electronic devices while they charge. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and tangled cords as this extender helps you organize your gadgets in a neat and accessible manner.

Night Light for Enhanced Visibility Outlet Extender:

Outfitted with an underlying night light, the Mifaso Wall Extender fills a double need. Besides the fact that it gives extra permeability in dim rooms, passages, or corners, it likewise adds a bit of surrounding lighting to your space. The unpretentious gleam of the night light upgrades security and comfort, making it an optimal expansion to rooms, corridors, or restrooms.

Surge Protector for Device Safety:

The Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender features a surge protector, ensuring your valuable electronic devices are shielded from voltage spikes and power surges. This protective feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing potential damage to your devices and prolonging their lifespan.

Charger with Multiple USB Outlet Extender:

With 5 USB outlets, the Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender offers a versatile charging solution for your USB-powered devices. Charge smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more simultaneously without the need for additional adapters or power bricks. The convenience of multiple USB ports streamlines your charging process and keeps your devices ready for use.

Wide Space and 3-Sided Designed Outlet Extender:

Designed with practicality in mind, this outlet extender includes a wide space and a 3-sided design. The wide space accommodates larger power adapters without blocking adjacent outlets, ensuring efficient use of the available sockets. The 3-sided design enhances accessibility, allowing you to easily plug and unplug devices from different angles.

Multi-Plug Outlets for Versatile Use:

The Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender transforms a single wall extender into a versatile charging station with its multi-plug outlets. This feature allows you to power multiple devices simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for busy households, offices, or entertainment spaces where multiple gadgets need to be charged or powered.


The Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender redefines the concept of a power strip by incorporating smart and space-saving features. From the built-in shelf for device storage to the night light, surge protector, multiple USB outlets, and a practical 3-sided design, this extender caters to the diverse charging needs of the modern user. Upgrade your charging station with the Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender, where convenience, safety, and efficiency converge in a sleek and functional design. Say goodbye to cord clutter and charging struggles, and welcome a more organized and streamlined approach to powering your devices.

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